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moving :'( [12 Oct 2001|02:04pm]
[ mood | sad ]

its been great but i decided i wanted a new lj name.. i have moved journals check out *chelserz* <33 chelsey
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i've got spirit~!@* [11 Oct 2001|03:45pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

hehe well today was the pep rally~!@* YAY!! it was really fun! well anywhoo!! i like hit brendan and he like freaked out and was like i dont like u like that! im like wtf i dont like u anymore and hes like yeh u do i wread your journal and im like obiously you havent in a few days because it says i dont like you anymore.. hehe. dumbass. anyway! i was talking to johnny and he said that everyone in band should be able to give good oral and hand jobs because of the way we tounge our notes and how we hold our instruments :) ahh.. more people are finding out i like him. :) just my girl friends tho.. well i think im gunna make a new LIVEJOURNAL NAME so brendan wolnt know it. YAY.. lol. or mabye i willl keep this one. i uno. in second period candice was like no hats in school again and shes like if i wore one i would get in trouble and made such a big deal so i hadda take it off, then i put it back on when i went to third period and had it on all day. everyone kept asking me to wear it and i said no cuz i feel naked witout it :) i have become too attached to it, im wearing it now.. i think my moms home!! but umm in french i told brenton i love his hat and he said i could wear it till monday! :) and then in 7th period candice made a big deal about my hat again and this time i didnt have to take it off b*cuz mr lasley is cool. ERRR IM GUNNA CRY! THE FUCKING PEOPLE GAVE THE HOUSE TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR MORE MONEY. THIS FUCKING SUCKS. and nothing else happened, i hung all over this kid jeff who said hes saving me a dance at homecoming. well i didnt hang on him, he hung on me but whatever. i gotta go im sooo mad

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*hehe* [10 Oct 2001|09:08pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well jason wasnt here and he wolnt be here tomarro. anyway. nothing happened in band, i talked to johnny <333 and thats really all. and umm lets see. second period sucked, so did third, stupid bitch was yelling at me for twirling a yardstick and im like if u don like it dont watch dumb bitch. sooo umm 4th was cool and me and tanya ran into lunch and ran into line and got food b4 everyone, it was soo fuckin funny. so then me and ash got more food and i spilled my lemonade all over myself and it looked like i pissed my pants ;x and bridgy got me her sweater and i wore it~ thank god for bridgy!! i <3 her sweater its sooo big! but anyway. i went to the office and called my mom and then i went to french and sat by andy, and i talkd to this hot kid brenton? i duno how u spell his name, he lemme wear his hat! i still have it! :) hes sucha hottie!!! i was flirting so bad ;) ah. it was fun. and in history 7th period candice was like take off the visor and im like no its hat day then shes like u lied to me its not hat day and im like uhh in french class it was! and shes like o. and then she was saying no hats in school and im like thinking why do u care but my teacher didnt care cuz it was red and im wearing a blue and white shirt and today was red white and blue day!! :] some people at my school are fucking nosey as hell thats all ima say. then we did some work shit, and alicia said she would trade me my love spell for her sweet temptation in a week :) hehe. but then she gave me 2 cola flavored condoms! lol they taste nasty as shit but i will get to that l8er!! so 8th period was boring i talked to mr phillips on how i wanna teach history and be a philosopher.. lol. and then i went to drama club and sat around and johnnys audition was at 4:30 and i left at 4!! :( and me and my mom went to make a bid on this house we want by my school!! :) and it got wicked boring and tanyas house is one street away so i walked over there and i we chilled and bitched out some hoz who called tanya ugly, i was like fuk off you lil lezbos dont fuckkin say shit bout tanya she look better than you and i bet she can get more guys u litt0 wh0res u act like sluts u gun get treated like em. and they started screamin shut up and whatever and im like yeah immature little bitches go back to the 7th grade where u belong, u cant hang with the big girls :) and they were walking with there asses hangin out and im like don strut your shit cuz there aint nuttin to strut! lol.. so then we blew up the condom alicia gave me with water and it tasted like shit. then my mom came and i went to eat dinner then we went to her work now im home. well i gotta fly~!@*

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.::*::. HoMeCoMiNg .::*::. [09 Oct 2001|08:59pm]
[ mood | listless ]

ahh im soo happy!! homecoming is in 4 days. i cant wait. well yeah i can. i duno if i really wanna go.. well to tell you the truth i dont want to go at all. i just need to sac up and take it like a man :] *RaWr* lol. well i duno why i dont wanna go, everything should be perfect!!! :) well heres whats goin on Saturday!!

??:?? ~ wake up
??:?? ~ eat breakfast
??:?? ~ ask mum if people called about the house ( she put a bid on this house we wanna move into )
3:00 ~ get hair done
5:00 ~ pictures
5:30 ~ dinner
7:00 ~ go to dance
7:??-12 ~ shake my ass alll night and have FUN!!! yeh. fun.

well anyway heres a lil sumthn about me.

I see - the computer..
I find - myself in others..
I want - to be loved
I have - a headache
I wish - i was loved
I hate - annoying people who are ignorant and stupid! who dont mind their own fucking busniess
I miss - lacy mike and liz
I fear - chucky
I feel - different
I hear - gilmore girls
I smell - strawberriez and alcohol
I crave - gyro..
I search - for myself
I wonder - when were gunna know if we get the house!!
I regret - nothing because: you should never regret anything because at one time thats what you wanted.
I love - my family, CLOSEST BEST FRIENDS and umm antonio
I long - for homecoming :{ i think?
I am - me :)
I care - about everyone
I always - smile
I am not - a hypocryte (sp)
I believe - in myself
I have faith - in myself
I cringe - when i see him with *her*
I dance - all the time
I sing - when im happy
I cry - for no reason
I learn - everyday
I do not always - live up to what i hope to live up to
I succeed - in acting like a dork all the time and being myself.. im who i am not fake
I fail - FRENCH!!!
I fight - with people who dont understand me!
I write - on paper ;)
I give - Myself values
I win - most battles of wits ;)
I never - give in to peer pressure
I confuse - myself
I listen - to my mind

blahhhh heres more

5 facts about me:
1. i'm 14
2. i'm a Freshman @ Parma seinor high ( JUSTIN JUST IMED ME SAYIN GET OFF )
3. i like to sleep a lot
4. i hang out with my friends a lot
5. i like to shop :)

5 things I'd like to do before i die:
1. sky dive
2. get married and have a family
3. get a good job
4. visit europe
5. go on a road trip

5 female celebrities I love:
1. reese witherspoon
2. julia stiles
3. melissa joan heart
4. sarah michelle gellar
5. kerri russle

5 male celebrities I love:
2. josh hartnett
3. ryan phillippe
4. bart simpson lol
5. paul walker

5 singers/groups I love:
1. michelle branch
2. gwen stefani
3. alicia keys
4. sum41
5. linkin park

5 movies I love:
1. cruel intentions
2. virgins sucides
3. center stage
4. legially blonde
5. snow day

well justins going to call me so im going

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0bsessi0nz [09 Oct 2001|07:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

im fucking obsessed with this bitch :) its good for me to write about all the shit that pisses me off i guess :) i would love to write it down in a real journal but i have so much to bitch about and its easier to type! and i can make it just as pretty :) i have to watch gillmore girls tonite :) yay~!@* i am really bored!! well i g2g do my french scrapbook on some gay ass shit~~!@* LOl.. later

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.::*WeDdInG*::. [09 Oct 2001|07:30pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i am punkpanther17, sirpimpalot2269 is branden :]

SiRPimPAloT2269: u still in the shower hehe
Punkpanther17: yeah i am ;-)
SiRPimPAloT2269: lol kk
Punkpanther17: wud up
Punkpanther17: i love you
SiRPimPAloT2269: n2m u
Punkpanther17: nm
SiRPimPAloT2269: i love you too
Punkpanther17: will you marry me?
SiRPimPAloT2269: yes
Punkpanther17: AWWW!! *slips a ring on your finger*
SiRPimPAloT2269: lol awww takes it off and beats u wit it
SiRPimPAloT2269: hehe jp i love you

ahh i miss you simba~!@* if he didnt live so far i would go out with him :) we just are the perfect couple. we really are :P it just never works :'( hehe..

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blahhhh [09 Oct 2001|07:07pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

well i went and took a bath~!@* and i talked to branden, nick and justin!! not all at the same time.. but justin got mad at me and hung up.. lol.. but! the indians are winning 5-0!! yay! and i was in the bath and i cut my finger open and i duno how?! its weird.. i said its the evil sourcer coming to get me ;) im such a dork. well i gotta go~!@* <3 ya!!

thanks enin~!@*

Mr.Oven is Sexy!
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<3333 [09 Oct 2001|07:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ashley loves andy * ally loves matt * suzzy loves matt * chelsey loves HIM * janine loves jason * stacy loves steve * brenna loves marc * enin loves kiki~!@* im really bored guys cant you tell??
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heh. [09 Oct 2001|05:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im obsessed with change.. i hope everyone likes it!! well im talking to PALLINI!!! ( allison ) and im gunna get off to talk to justin. :]~ g2g bye bye!! leave me some comments..

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whats up with today? today!? [09 Oct 2001|03:57pm]
[ mood | silly ]

well todai 1* was boring, i didnt march and i was really cold.. brr.. and well jason was here and i told him i was sorry cuz his grandpa died. well anyway second period was boring as fuck we did nothing and so was 3rd till me and alicia put makeup on anthony! :) he looked so cute! lol. it was glitter day at school for school spirit. so whatever. 4* we played with a big pink ball and lunch was umm great i guess... we were making up songs about krissy smelling like fish and she got all mad and shit and had people coming up to me cuz shes too much of a shit to do it herself. she called me a whore so yeah im going to say she smells like fish. lol bryan said she did too! ahh it was great. and i screamed at some katie or whoever for putting glitter all by my food, im like theres 392846923 fucking tables in here why dont u go somewhere where people arnt eating and this isnt even your fucking table u dumbass! and she left then came back with nina and nina said to slow it down. so then i got my jacket back from hailey after 6* but in lunch she pulled out money and a note, and im like thinkin, damn that looks like dumbo ( brendans ) hand writing.. and i said whos that from and shes like brendan<33 im like okaaaaaayy, so i was pretty much mad about that too. so in french me and andy did our treasure hunt. lol it was funny. and thennnn in 7* i got 7 tickets!! yay! almost got 8 but i got the answer wrong because im a fuck. :( but thennn we colored and me and alicia talked. and in 8* we took practice proficiceny like in everyother class but i didnt do it.. lol im kinda mad right now but oh well i g2g i miss allie palinii she went home sick! :(

PS: this morning i was walking after band and johnny was like can i come kick you in the ass? and im like no, and hes like fine and we were walking and i was hitting him and brANDON was like i think she likes u and i was sooo quiet and they were talking about me i wasnt listing tho and i said i dont think so and johnny was like umm it dosent matter but i knew it did :) hehe!!!

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ahh guyz [08 Oct 2001|08:32pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i broke my toe~!@* i was spinning a broomstick and it fell and broke my toe :( ouchie its spitting blood everywhere.. oWWW.. bye bye


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survey!! [08 Oct 2001|06:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

1.FULL name: chelsey lorraine H-H
2.nicknames: yelly, chels, chel, chels chels, chels bels, chel nel, chi chi, ci ci, lovemuffin, cutie, shelly, mellow yellow, and a lot more!!!
3.city and state born in: Turtle creek Pa
4.state you live in now: Oh
5.birthdate: Novemeber 3
6.astrological sign: Scorpio duh
7.school: PARMA!!! :) G0 redmen!
8.hobbies: ahhh pretty much anything fun and crazy!
9.sports that you play/enjoy: softball, cheerleading, football, soccer, basketball and track with nikki! <33
10.height: ummm 5'0
11.weight: 100
12.shoe size: 8
13.right or lefty: righty

1. What do you think of the way you look?: could be worse..
2. What do you think about your attitude?: could be better..
3. What do you think about life after death?: i dont like to think about it
4. What do you think about karma?: umm sure? lol i duno
5. What do you think about love?: people our age are not mature enough to experence that type of emotion
6. What do you think about fate?: its out there
7. What do you think about your self?: i could be better, and sometimes i get angry too easily but hey i cant really help it.
8. What do you tell yourself if times get hard?: fuck whateveryone else thinks. but hey i always think that.
9. What would you give your life for?: my family and SOME friends
10. What do you think about your first love?: it was antonio. and um i dont really think it was love but some people do but whatever, i miss him so much ;'(
11. What do you think about the first person that loved you?: it was proolly antonio. i miss him so much :'(
12. What are you scared of?: chucky and being alone forever and going to hell :(
13. What was the saddest moment of your life so far?: ahh way to many to recal.. umm prolly when they cancled the play i was the lead role in.
14. What would life be without friends?: well it would suck
15. Without family?: it would suck

*The Dream Side of You*
1.Do you dream a lot at night?: yeah
2.Do you dream in black and white, or color?: color
3.Do you remember any of your dreams?: yah! LOL
4.Where is your dream make out spot?: umm a bathtub.. ;) lol everyone who knos
5.What is your dream kiss like?: ahh its great :]
6.What is your dream job?: sitting on my ass raking in 100000000 dollars a second ;)
7.Where is your dream house?: in New York
8.Where is your dream vacation?: France<333 or Croatia<33
9.Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul?: kinda

**DoN't Be AfRaId To DrEaM.� ThE bEsT tHiNgS cOmE tO yOu WhEn YoU dReAm!**

1.Parents names: kim and jerry
2.Do you live with both of them?: yep
3.Any siblings? If so, names and ages: jessica 24
4.Do you get along with your siblings?: yep
5.Do you get along with your parents?: yep

*Do you...*
1.Do you write in a journal or diary?: yep
2.Do you keep an organizer?: yep
3.Do you believe in love at first sight?: kinda
4.Do you believe that every person has one soul mate: NO!!!!!!!!
5.Do you believe in god?: YES!!!!!!!!!!!
6.Do you believe in everyone (even the beyond helpless)?: sorta
7.Do you believe in having a good education?: hell yeah
8.Do you believe in horoscopes?: yeah sometimes
9.Do you believe in yourself?: more than anything else i think.
10.Do you shower daily?: yeah lol im not smelly ass crotch fish bitch! lol
11.Do you like this survey so far?: no!
12.Do you like the person that sent you this?: i got it off a site
13.Do you cry easily?: not anymore but sometimes for no reason
14.Do you believe in Heaven?: yeha
15.Do you believe in hell?: yeah
16.Do you believe in reincarnation?: Uh no

1.favorite day of the week: friday!! theres usually a party to go to
2.favorite ice-cream: neopolitan :) me and tonios ice cream!!!
3.favorite movies: cruel intentions and virgins suicides
4.favorite actors: ryan phillippe
5.favorite actresses: reese witherspoon
6.favorite quote: its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
7.favorite songs: in too deep by sum41 and nice and slow by usher! god this song reminds me so much of seventh grade! i miss seventh grade so fucking much!!
8.favorite music groups: comix!! johnnys band<3 umm sum41 linkin park gc 3eb blink 311 nfg MXPX!!!
9.favorite music singers: ahh i dono? YOUR MOM!!!
10.favorite holiday: x mas
11.favorite season: winter
12.favorite colors: pink and blueeeeee
13.favorite flowers: white roses
14.favorite book: life in the fat lane and jays journal
15.favorite school subject: history

*When you hear ___ you think of..*
1.Baseball: bat
2.Jeff: hurt :'( ahhhh make me all sad now! I MISS FUCKING SEVENTH GRADE! TAKE ME BACK TO FUCKING SEVENTH GRADE!!
3.Dog: baby
4.Warm apple pie: fucking..
5.Socks: pink!
6.Fish: krissy.. LOL
7.Nail: s?
8.Amanda: stealing
9.Swimming: hannah
10.Bologna: eww
11.Giant Eagle: pa
12.A nun: skool
13.The # 69: andy! lol
14.School: parma

1.Who is your overall~* top of the line~* best friend?: i have more than one but i guess lacy :)
2.Who is your 2nd best friend?: nina
3.Who is your 3rd best friend?: ashley
4.Who is your 4th best friend?: bridgette
5.If there are anymore, you can list them here: sarah liz nikki kayla

6.Is the funniest: andy!!!
7.Do you tell your dreams to: andy and ashley
8.Do you tell your fears to: ashley ;]
9.Do you go to for advice: ashley and bridgette and nina
10.Have you dreamt about: jason and me and ashley and andy in a bathtub lol
11.Knows everything about you: hmm lacy or kayla def
12.Do you tell your secrets to: kayla ashley bridgette andy even tho he usually tells, allison, nina, tara, carly
13.Is the most shy: tara
14.Is the loudest : carly!!!
15.Can't you live without: KAYLA!!!!!!!!
16.Is the most trendy: like i care.... pshhh
17.Can be the most annoying: ha easy!!! ......
18.Lives the farthest away from you: jason and lacy
19.Lives closest to you: kayla
20.Are you most like: kayla<33

21.What do you look for in a friend?: trust and honesty and understanding

1.boyfriend/girlfriend's name: ahh dont got one
2.crush: for me to know thanks.
3.where does that special someone live?: in parma
4.things you like in the opposite sex: everything ;] ;] esp happy trails! lol ashley
5.when was your first kiss: umm when i was 13 at friendlys with vic
6.are you a virgin: yep
7.the most romantic thing anyone has done for you was: bought me flowers on valentines day or told me they loved meeee
8.which is more important- personality or looks?: personality
9.first boyfriend/girlfriend: alex

*Creative Q's*
1.If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why?: walk on the moon because not many people have done it and i dont wanna go on the sun and die lol.
2.What color do you think best describes you and why?: lavender because its low key color ;)
3.If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing: eating or napping or reading.. prolly reading
4.Would you ever share you heart completely with someone else? If yes- who~* if no- why not?: yes to any of my close friends, prolly onli like 4 tho
5.Which sense could you not live without, and why?:� sight because i need to see!!
6.Have you ever written on a mirror? If so what did you write?: yeah, phone numbers, so and so is a skank, umm i love whoever and a buncha other crap, kayla and chelsey bff
7.If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?: i wouldnt have worn what i wore to school today
8.Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed indoors?: cozy bed
9.What is the most beautiful thing in the world?: love <3
10.Name one person whose changed your life for the better: my mom
11.What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully- physically or mentally- or both?:� ah.. lol.. purr in my ear and umm rub(?) my leg...
12.If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be the last thing you say, and who would you say that to?: to all my friends i love them and to everyone i love them and i was sorry for everything,. and god i love you.
13.What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood your in?: thinking about *HIM*
14.If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?: gwen S from no doubt cuz shes awsome!!!
15.And finally, what makes you you?: i have a lot of values a lot of people my age dont even think about, i think before i speak usually, i have a sence of what im usally doing, im confident, im me!!!

im hungry im going to eat..

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blah~!@* [08 Oct 2001|05:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]


I gota confession to make, that my heart would break, to hear you say goodbye, ur my every dream your the treadwork to my seems and u kno I cant lie wen I say I cant stop thinkin bout u, I cant stop thinking about how my hearts empty without ypu

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uhhh stuff~!@* [08 Oct 2001|05:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

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heh [08 Oct 2001|05:12pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

im so proud of my blonde self! i figured out how to change the colors and pictures on this bitch! yes! im sooo great :] lol. my next entry is going to be neat codes :)

don worry brenna people suck

<33 chelseRz

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~~**::*::Today::**::**~~ [08 Oct 2001|03:52pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

well today nothing really happened, i wrote brendan a note but i chickened out and didnt give it to him because hailey was flirting with him the whole time. she flirts with everyone. and allison called her a whore :o) lol i love you allison. it was funny. and well second period was third and we had 3-7-8 in 2 and 3 period, 1st period was 2nd period but me and tanya had band so we didnt have to go to it. it was coo. b*c of the field trip to the sk8 park. we watched a movie instead of going. carly did my make up and i look like a princess! :] i cant find my glasses :( and umm i like someone!!!! but i dont think he likes me.. and this morning i was walkng with tanya to 2period and shes like look its johnny and im like lets go say hi! so i walked up to him and he gave me a thingy to see his band :)!!! and he didnt give one to rachel or tanya! im the coolest freshman ever! lol not really. and i saw him and he gave me a hi five and he came outside where i wait for by bus and he said hi to me :D ah. it was great<33333 lol.. hes a seinor :'( and he has a girlfriend.. but oh well hes a great guy! hes super! and NIKKI IS IN MY GYM! AHH IM SO HAPPY! we were like best friends all last year and shit i love her so much i miss her soooo and we werent in any classes togetner and finally we are! :) yay! and the whole gym class all we did was talk about people from Vf.. lol.. it was fun and we played hackey sac!!! i miss PA hackey tho! :) fun times guys! well thats really all.. i feel like shit and i really am giving up on brendan hes a loser because he flirts with hailey. and she flirts with everyone. fuck him. i can do better, im not crawling back to him i can do better. :)

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ty [07 Oct 2001|06:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

THANKS BRENNA~!@*~!@*!~@*!~*@!**@~! I LOVE THE LAYOUT!

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:'( [07 Oct 2001|05:21pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i was just thinking about stuff.. well i was so happy with brendan. what did i think going and fucking it up for jason? i threw away true love for something between me and jason that was just different. theres no other way to say it. whats between us is different and it scares me. it scares me a lot. so im trying to stay away from him, i dont want him to hurt me again. i was talking to brendan about getting back together, and he just kept shrugging his sholders and smiling. then i went to sit by him and he moved! :'( so i was like fuck that. amanda told me she liked him, and thats when i realized what damage i have caused.. not only to me but to him. he told me "i broke up with you because i was failing and because u like jason." and i wanted to go crawl under a rock and cry. i felt like crap. how can i explain how i feel to him? he would think im some stupid whore. i asked him if he loved me and he was like i unno?? im like okay brendan. i love you too. it was not very FUN YESTERDAY! he went to arnolds party after but no1 was going. he wanted me to go.. i asked him if he would cuddle me and he asked if i was going. and i wasnt. i cant belive i let him go. i mean i cant see myself doing bad shit with him. i just cant. hes so... pure.. and special. i cant describe the way i feel about him. i know i love him thats all. and everyone knows it. everyone calls me a retard because i threw away one of the best things i had going for me. he treated me like a princess and no1 has done that in a long time. i love him so much. i have no idea what to do. i feel like crap!!!! i went to stacys website and saw her and steve and i was like damn, that could have been me and brendan. if i ever get another chance with him things will be different because he is the only one for me and i know it. hes the one who has the key to my heart :( no1 else does. he makes me happy. i think im going to write him a note. i have no idea what to do, i feel ill. he knows my journal address too.. i doubt he will read it. but he was reading it when he came over. i love him. i dont know what to do, im crazy about him. i figured jason was better off with rock lopster ( lol everyone ) or colleen, not with me. because if me and him were ment to be, i wouldnt be upset with him all the time and he wouldnt constantly tell me hes sorry for not treating me right. i love my dumb0. i love his big ears, i love his fake front teeth because he chipped them on a cruse ship, i love his hair ( he got it cut ), i love him to death. i dont know what im doing. im crazy.

<33 chelsey

i love my dumbo~!@* a a f

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bored [07 Oct 2001|05:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

im bored.. i need a new layout.. someone help mee!!! i love bren and stacys journals and ashley and janines :( mine sucks big balls.. someone help me.

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yesterday [07 Oct 2001|03:58pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

well sarah came over and we went to the mall! i bought that purse i wanted ;x its purdy! and she bought earings and she got 2 and got one free so she got me a star pair :) there beautyful! lol. they look wicked cute. well anyway. we saw my X tony up there and we talked to him, he like ran up to me and hugged me. it was cute i guess. and he was teasin me. His brother was up there for boyscouts and he was selling popcorn for a dollar so me and sarah bought 3.. it was funny. so we walked home and chilled with tony and then went to my house. and came online and got ready and went to band. Jason kept trying to talk to me.. :'( i like him so much. i like everything about him. it sucks so bad. but anyway. thats all. me and sarah talked all night and stuff. no big deal. she wen home at 3. o well im tired and bored and im talking to tim and i need to shower! homecoming is in less than a week!!
6 days!

<333 chelsey

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